Pick a country (1 ONLY!)

No implausibility

Map will be edited every year (4 turns)

1 turn = half a year

The game will be archived every 20 turns (10 game years)

The game ends when it becomes boring

Casus belli will be used

others gain casus belli when:

A) You warmonger

B) you have more than 5 implausibilities

C) you spy on a nation

D) your nation's culture is hated by another nation's culture

E) you support one of your enemies' allies.

F) you attack a nation that you have low casus belli against.

You gain casus belli by percent (80%+ you can declare war on another nation [100% auto war])

Algo for war:

1 for defense

1 for every 10K soldiers

1 for 750 tanks

1 for 1k artillery

1 for 5 submarines

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