It is 1962, it has been over 100 years since the North broke away from the Union. Now the USA has had its revenge. Now wanting to expand its power after its second civil war in the 1950s the USA has instigated a 3 way cold war by not focusing on Japan in WWII. Now the Cold War really begins for A Northern Wind has shaped the planet.


A Northern Wind 1962 map




"Free World"Edit

  • United States-
    • Netherlands-in-exile-
    • Icelandic Republic-
  • South American Confederation
    • Chile-
    • Argentina-
  • Greater Brazil-
  • Apartheid South Africa-
    • Republic of Free Germany (Southwest Africa)
  • Centrist Australian Republic-
  • Free German Empire-
  • Free France-
  • Free Portugal-
  • New Zion-
  • Kuomingtang-


  • Eurasia- Warrioroffreedom123
  • Socialist Republic of Afghanistan-
  • Congo Free Army-
  • Katangan Revolutionary Army-
  • Hutu Free State-
  • Chinese Communist Party-
  • Mau-Mau-
  • Free Nigerian Army-

Imperial SphereEdit

  • Japan-


The GameEdit


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