Each turn equals 2 years

Rules Edit

A new algo will be created for this

No sockpuppeting

No vulgar langage

Civilizations can start colonies using this algorithm.

It takes 5 pixles of los to create a colony until a me specifyed time, then me specifyed rules will take place.

mods apply here Edit

-Epic for da win!


Only 2 mod possitions. thanks epic

MapmakerTrish pt7 (talk) 01:34, June 11, 2016 (UTC)

Civilizations Edit



Ottomans- Edit

Savavid Persians-

Venice -

Papal States (Autonomous member of the Habsburg Confederacy) -




Kieven Rus-

Russian Imperials (who will probably overthrow Kiev) -

Charles V Habsburg Confederation -Epic

France -

Crimean Khanate-





Kingdom of Scotland-Jack The Ripper





Lithuanian-East Polish commonwealth(Russian area gained in the partitions of Poland)

Byzantium -

who added all these?!?! lord falconis

Trish except for the Union which was me - Epic

please take them out, this is 1500-1600! dai viet, for example, was a recent thing!

DoneTrish pt7 (talk) 03:39, June 11, 2016 (UTC)

Spain- User:The2016

New world empires Edit

Will not be able to sail across oceans until turn 5

Incan empire- user:lord falconis

Aztec empire-

Cherokee nation-

Iroquois nation-

New nations Edit

As disorganized tribal groups were common at that time, civilavations can emerge at any time. Post on talk page your idea, and get my approval, and i will post it on the map.

The map Edit

BlankMap-World6-Equirectangular.png ×345

Game Start Edit

  • Spain: We colonise Cuba, Bahamas, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Help: Edit

If you are new to map gameing, use this to help you get started

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