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Map of World WIP

Sign UpsEdit


  • Kalmar Union-
  • Novgorod-Finland Republic-Kame
  • Grand Duchy of Muscovy/Russia- 
  • Tsardom of Carpatho-Rus- 
  • Kingdom of Prussia- Orwell
  • Grand Duchy of Bavaria- 
  • Kingdom of Saarland- 
  • Kingdom of Brittany- 
  • Kingdom of Normandy-Britannia-  
  • Kingdom of Aquitaine- 
  • Iberian Union-
  • Sardinia-
  • Circassian/Adyghestani Empire- Kaori

Middle EastEdit


East AsiaEdit

  • Yong Dynasty- 
  • Mongolian Empire- Fires
  • Grand Khanate Khitan- Warrioroffreedom123
  • Empire of Siam-
  • Vietnamese Empire-
  • Kaya Confederacy- 
  • Tibet- 
  • Bhutan- 

Southeast AsiaEdit

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