Bayyanid Caliphate
الخلافة البايانيا
Game: New World
Shahada flag Arabiakseal
Flag Coat of Arms
NewWorldLocatorMap 1016
Location of Bayyania
Anthem "السلام الملكي (as-Salām al-Malakiyy — The Royal Salute)"
(and largest city)
New Riyadh
Language Arabic
Religion Islam
Demonym Bayyanid
Government Caliphate
Population 29,154,600 (990 est) 32,514,500 (1015) census 
Established 450 AF
Currency Bayyanid Riyal (BR)

The Bayyanid Caliphate, (Arabic: الخلافة البايانيا, pronunciation: al-Khilafa al-Baiyanya) is an Islamic Caliphate located in the southernmost portion of the continent of Sebastiana. The Bayyanid dynasty was founded by Abdullah al-Bayya, who claimed to be descended directly from the prophet Muhammad. The Bayyanids seized power around 450 AF, and now rule as caliphs from their capital in New Riyadh.

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