Empire of Brazil

Império do Brasil

800px-Flag of Empire of Brazil (1847-1889).svg
Coat Arms Empire of Brazil.svg
Capital Rio de Janeiro
Official Language Portuguese



Constitutional Parlamentary Monarchy

Parliament Imperial Parliament of Rio: Imperial Senate and Deputies Congress
Emperor Dom Pedro V (ATL II of Brazil)
Currency Portuguese Real (under changing process)

The Empire of Brazil (Know as Império do Brasil, or simply Brazil) is a nation in South America and official successor of the Portuguese Empire, assuming its military and colonies. It was affected by several rebellions util the portuguese court arrival during Napoleon conquest of Portugal. After the arrival of the king, Rio was under a urbanistic reform to fit the padrons demanded by the king itself. 

Provinces and TerritoriesEdit

Brazil has exactly 20 provinces since the annexation of Uruguay as the Cisplatine Autonomous Province and one territory: Paraguay(capital: Asunción)

Province  /  Capital
  • Grã Amazônia - Manaus
  • Grão Pará - Belém
  • Maranhão - São Luís
  • Ceará - Fortaleza
  • Pernambuco - Recife
  • Mato Grosso - Cuiabá
  • Goiás - Goiania*
  • Bahia - Salvador
  • Sergipe - Aracaju*
  • Mato Grosso do Sul - Campo Grande*
  • Minas Gerais - Ouro Preto
  • Espírito Santo - Vitória
  • Paraná - Curitiba
  • São Paulo - São Paulo
  • Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro
  • Santa Catarina - Desterro(Florianópolis)
  • Rio Grande - Porto Alegre
  • Cisplatine - Montevideo
  • Tocantins - Palmas*
  • Acre - Rio Branco*

Brazil Map

* = under construction

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