Core Game IdeasEdit

The game would be based on Star Wars and the planets of Star Wars ( All names are copyrighted by lucas arts and disney and this is purely a fan based thing). We would start in the year 25,053 BBY in the Expansionist Era. The date of each year goes backwards. So we start in 25,053 BBY and the next year would be 25,052 BBY. Everyone would start in the Core Worlds or Deep Core region of planets.  There can be multiple factions on one planet but only one empire/republic/ruling thing of the sector.  There will be a limit of 4 factions per planet. Not sure of we will go by year or by a group of years. The goal of the game is to expand your sector: a sector was an area of space framed by an artificial boundary for political, economic and military organization.

You are allowed to pick a gas giant if you use a space station to live on

Feel free to post on the talk page about ideas and issues that need discussing

Core Planets (region in space)Edit

  • Alderaan - Shadow
  • Anaxes
  • Belgaroth
  • Brentaal
  • Caamas
  • Chandrila
  • Fresia
  • Kuat- OCT
  • Metellos
  • N'zoth
  • Pantolomin
  • Recopia
  • Sacorria
  • Velusia

Core Worlds MapEdit


Deep Core Planets (region in space)Edit

  • Abanol
  • Adana
  • Barbeen
  • Besero
  • Byss
  • Chel
  • Constancia
  • Cosia
  • Crystan
  • Delanoth
  • Dremulae
  • Dulvoyinn
  • Ebaq
  • Eclipse
  • Empress Teta
  • Furies Gate
  • Gillad
  • Had Abbadon
  • Hakassi
  • Houll
  • Iope
  • Jerrilek
  • Kalimahr
  • Kalist VI
  • Kampe
  • Keeara Major
  • Keres I
  • Keres II
  • Khomm
  • Kins
  • Kirrek
  • Kissarm
  • Krev Coeur
  • Kuar
  • Malterra
  • Mawr
  • Mekith
  • Mozos
  • Nox
  • Nur
  • Obri
  • Odik II
  • Ojom 
  • Ottabesk
  • Pelutt
  • Phiris
  • Phoros
  • Polos
  • Prakess
  • Prakith
  • Rake
  • Relus
  • Ronika
  • Shikaakwa
  • Ska Gora
  • Sunspot
  • Tarkin's Fang
  • The Giants (uninhabitable only good for gas mining)
  • Tryast
  • Tython
  • Vulp Major
  • Vulp Minor
  • Vulpter
  • Vulpus

Deep Core MapEdit


Full Galaxy MapEdit

Star wars map star wars galaxy map official galactic map star wars universe 1

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