Welcome to the peace conference of Copenhagen! We are here to save the peace of Europe and solve the questions and conflicts of the East European region.

  1. Countries invited to the Conference (please post your signature next to your country if you're here!) :
  2. The goals of the Conference:
    • Solve the Baltic question (Lithuanian independence, German aid for Lithuania, the Polish minorities in Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian conflict)
    • Solve the Silesian question (the referendum in Silesia; autonomy or secession of the Silesian territory)
    • Solve the conflict between France and Germany and talk about a possible future co-operation.


  • Germany: We open the conference. We ask the present countries to tell their opinions and ideas.
  • Poland: Agrees to Lithuania's earlyer plans for it's Polish minority. A Silesian referendum will occer on 2017.5

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