Basic InfoEdit

This Map Game is based on the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett. There is magic. The best website to learn about the nations is  Discworld Wiki



If the nation isn't on the list it's an NPC until Vassalized then you can add it to the list.


Discworld Map

Discworld Political Mapp by BlamedThande

Discworld Political Map

List of Playable NationsEdit

Unnamed ContinentEdit

  • Ankh-Morpork (City-State)
  • Pseudopolis (City-State)
  • Octarine Grass Country
  • Quirm
  • Sto Lat
    • Sto Helit (Duchy)
    • Sto Kerrig (Duchy)
  • Lancre
  • Überwald
  • Borogravia
  • Zlobenia
  • Mouldavia
  • Llamedos
  • Genua
  • Gonim
  • Kythia
  • Nothingfjord
  • Rehigreed Province
  • Skund
  • Wyrmberg
  • Zemphis

Continent of KlatchEdit

  • Ephebe
  • Djelibeybi
  • Ghat
  • Hersheba
  • Howondaland
  • Tsort 
  • Omnia
    • Betrek
    • Istanzia
  • Smale
  • Tezumen Empire -- I am Epic!!!
  • Theocracy of Muntab
  • Urabewe
  • Ushistan

Counterweight ContinentEdit

  • Agatean Empire--YDON205
    • Bhangbhangduc--YDON205


  • Bugarup (City-State)
  • Dijabringabeeralong (City-State)
  • Worralorrasurfa (City-State)

Miscellaneous IslandsEdit

  • Brown Islands
  • Foggy Islands
  • Krull
  • Mithos
  • Mono Island
  • Purdee Island
  • Island of Slakki
  • be Trobi Islands
  • Ting Ling

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