Dukedom of Cherbourg
Duché de Cherbourg
Game: New World
NewWorldLocatorMap 1016
Location of Cherbourg

Vive le Cherbourg (Standard Metropolitan French)
("Long live Cherbourg")

Anthem "The Duke's March"
Capital Cherbourg (150,000)
Largest city Cherbourg (150,000)
Other cities Caen (45,000), Lille (25,000), Dunkerque (12,500), Amiens (12,500), Mons (12,400), Rouen (12,245) and Bayeux (12,245).
Norman Dialect French and Picardy dialect French
  others Standard Metropolitan French
  others Roman Catholic
Ethnic groups
Norman French
  others Walloons and Picardy French
Demonym Norman
Government Constitutional monarchy
  legislature The Sheriff's Directory
Duke/Duchess, Antón DeVivvers (1000-1030), Nanette De Boursan (1062- .)
High Sheriff Jacques LeBlanc (1000-1030), Nikki Fagin (1045- .)
Population 1,450,500 (990 estimate), 1,450,575 (1010 estimate), 1,450,245 (1015 census), 1,454,545, (1020 census), 1,454,575(1025 census), 1,413,815 (1035 census) , 1,654,456(1045 census), 1,900,000 (1055 census), 2,250,000 (1065 census). 
Established 450
Independence from Clan Ross
  declared 455
  recognized 457
Currency Norman Frank
Calling code +66

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