The Greater Federation of the Crine (Pronounced Cr-Rhine) was founded in the year 12,000 BCE, When the Holy Empire collapsed,




=Balam EmpireEdit

The Crine originate from the House of Crine, formed in 80,000,000 BCE when 2 smaller houses united. In early Crine history, mythology and fact are often blurred, but what is known is that after a period of time, the House of Crine became a noble house in the Balam Empire. The Balam Empire had 3 families that held most of the power, the Crine, the Qetezqual, and the Balam family. As the Balam monarch Ivan the Awful took power, he attempted to weaken the Notability and form a powerful monarchy. The Qetezquals and Crine revolted, beginning the Balam Civil War which ended the Balam Empire and established the Honorable Union of the Four Balam Houses.

The Honorable Union=Edit

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