Commonwealth of Havenstown
Gemeinwesen Hawensburg
Game: New World
Havenstown flag
Flag of Havenstown
Anthem "United Spirit"
(and largest city)
Other cities Kilnston, Jervisberg, Mineford, Dillisburg, Kilburn, Windhoek, Bloemfontein, Vienna, Berlin, Delft, Johannesburg, Verdun, Brent, Gdynia, Miami, Maseru, Pietermaritzburg.
  others English, Afrikaans, French, Dutch, Polish, Sotho
None (secular government)
  others Protestant Christianity, Roman Catholic Christianity, Shite Islam, Sufi Islam, Sunni Islam, Judaism, Albanism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Buddhism.
Ethnic groups
23.80% English 23.79% Afrikaner 23.78% German
  others 16.25% Poles, 5.7% Dutch, 4.5% French, 1.87% Sotho, 0.2%, Spaniards, 0.1% Basques 0.01% other.
Demonym Havenstown
Government Free State of the Staatsbund
  legislature State Administration Committee
Kaiserin Aria I
Staatsleiter David Hertzog
Population 32,514,500 (1050 census) 
Established 1 April 1068
Annexation to Neubayern-Novodonetsk
  date 1 April 1068
Currency Neubayero-Donetskian krone (NDK)
Internet TLD

Havenstown, officially the Commonwealth of Havenstown (German: Gemeinwesen Hawensburg), is a constituent state of the Federated States of Neubayern-Novodonetsk. It was admitted to the Staatsbund in 1068. Havenstown's current territory was formed from those of the former Havenstown Economic Cooperative Zone.

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