The Kaiser of Neubayern (German: Kaiser des Landes und des Volkes des Vereinigte Reiches der Neubayern, "Emperor of the Land and People of the United Reich of New Bayern") is the head of state and monarch of the United Reich of New Bayern. The incumbent is Aria.

# Name Image Start of reign End of reign
1 Franz I 871 888
2 Wilhelm III Wilhelm III 888 900
3 Wilhelm IV Wilhelm IV child 900 934
4 Heinrich I June 934 July 934
5 Wilhelm V July 934 August 934
6 Friedrich IV August 934 October 934
7 Heinrich II October 934 961
8 Wilhelm VI 961 975
9 Heinrich III Royal Wedding Stockholm 2010-Konserthuset-420 975 1025
10 Helena Helena3 1025 1051
11 Crown Princess Aria Aria-adult 1051 Incumbent
12 Crown Prince Edward EdwardofRhineburg Heir apparent

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