These are only conflicts from beyond December 2016.

Data: Side 1 Side 2
Date March, 2017-September, 2017 (6 Months) March, 2017-September, 2017 (6 Months)
Casus Belli Annexation of Cuba None
Location Cuba Cuba
Result Annexing Cuba Being annexed by the Confederate States of America.
Belligerents Confederate States of America, Texas (Joined in April, 2017) Cuba
Army Strength 140,000 124,000 (34,000 Volunteers)
Cost 408 Million 720 Million
WMD? No No
POWs 134  46,244
Civilians Dead 12 17,656
Civilians Wounded 2 34,879
Military Dead 1,324 16,322
Military Wounded 4,052 47,322
Total Dead 1,336 64,978
Total Wounded 4,054 82,201
Agressor Yes No

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