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Hello and welcome to the Map Games Wiki! Many people play map games on the Alternate History Wiki. Map games are a popular phenomenon on many sites, so I thought it needed a true activity hub!

Basically, map games are a user collaborative alternate history type game in which a starting map is posted by the game’s creator. The players take turns making changes to the map and posting a series of dated alternate historical events beneath it as they act out there plans to run the world and outsmart their rival at military, economy, political and exploration plans (like if they were a real head of state).

Here you can set up any map game you like weather it's a plausible reality based one, ASB, TV franchise, video game, or Touhou cartoon related. All fun and intriguing games are also welcomed. Feel free to add a link on this page, naming your game and create the page using the link or just join in with an existing one.

Please read and adhere to the Conventions in use in this wiki before you start contributing!

  • Do not copy from the Alternate History Wiki. Its contents are copyrighted! Making a reference of origin does not clear it. Note that this is because they consider it to be stealing. Free images and photos can be used if they are attributed.
  • Research and map/photo finding can be done at Wikipedia.


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Current Map Games

Settlers of the New World

1645 New Britain

Welcome to Settlers of the New World, a map game based on the early years of English colonization of the Americas. Begin by guiding your settlers through the establishment of a colony, settlements, and later American states. This game begins in the early seventeenth century, and allows you the opportunity to play as a trade company or proprietor of a colony in the (alternate) new world... (More)


Fallout 2289.75

Welcome to Fallout, a map game set in the universe of the Fallout series of post-apocalyptic role-playing video games, taking place in The Commonwealth, the location of the game Fallout 4. The year is 2288, a few months after the would-be start of the game Fallout 4. In this timeline the "Sole Survivor" either never existed, or soon after the events of the game disappeared from notoriety... (More)

So They Actually Did It!

So they actually did it! map

Welcome! The wold is now at peace 30 years after the Cuban missile crisis went 'hot'. Most of the northern hemisphere was nuked and the rest eventually collapsed in it's wake. The southern hemisphere and a several places up to the Tropic of Cancer were mostly untouched and began to recover after the 1962-64 atomic winter was over.... (More)

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