Welcome to Neolithic Europe. In this map game you take control of various cultures and civilizations in Neolithic Europe and command them to success. Will you form an Empire or will your people be enslaved?

Rules Edit

  • Every 24 hours is twenty years in the game from 2000bc to 1000ad, five years from 1000ad to 1800ad and one year 1800ad to 2015ad.
  • Wars and campaigns are decided by the Neolithic Europe Algorithm.
  • Every turn begins and ends at 8:00am UTC.
  • You can do a wide variety of actions however nothing dumb(eg. Declaring Hinduism the national religion of eturia)
  • You cannot be more then one civilization.
  • Moderators are in place too make the game interesting and advise players. They cannot force players to stop there actions however they can produce consequences.

Civilization Sign Ups Edit


Insular Celts:




Nuragics: TheMan456

Latins:I am Epic!!






Thrace: Zamarak500







Moderators Edit


(Note: You can volunteer as a moderator on the talk page.)

2000bc Edit

Arrival in Italy by the Latins,

Earliest palaces built in Minoa.

Notice: I'm temporarily pausing the map game until this map game can get more sign-ups. ~TheMan456

Nuragics: We from a united confederation of city states within Sardinia. We start to produce coins as a substitute for barter. We hope to become a sea-faring civilization that can form several colonies around the Mediterranean Sea and trade with other civilizations. Therefore we are constructing a merchant fleet that will first establish settlements on nearby Corsica island.

Thracians: The Thracians tribes unite into a nomadic confederation. We build troops, and harvest what we can for a trip up north, following the sea in order to get to Crimea one day. Political unity among the tribes is still difficult, however.

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