After the Brits decide to end World War II by signing truce and cooperation agreements with Germany, Italy and Vichy France, Belgium proposed the "Praia da Luz Pact", including Aachen, Freed South Netherlands, Portugal, NZ, N. Algeria, Brazil, the French communist resistance/Affech Rouge, and Kleef. It was formed in 1952 as a military and political alliance.

  1. Ethiopia 1952
  2. Belgium 1952
  3. Aachen 1952
  4. Freed South Netherlands 1952
  5. Portugal 1952
  6. New Zealand 1952
  7. North Algeria 1952
  8. Brazil 1952
  9. Kleef 1952
  10. Yemen 1952
  11. S. Africa 1952.5

You guys will help me fight Italy right?


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