Welcome to The Elder Scrolls: Chaos, a map game set on Tamriel immediately following the Oblivion Crisis. Something, however, has changed. Martin Septim and the Hero of Kvatch have taken too long to stop the Oblivion Crisis. Hundreds of thousands are dead. The Empire is fragmented and the Septim Dynasty is dead. Tamriel is plunged into sheer chaos as states work to pick up the pieces of the fallen empire or cash in on the misery of other states. As deep-seeded racial hatred gives way to conflict, it is only a matter of time before a new power emerges in Tamriel to claim the seat of Imperial power and name itself the true Empire of Tamriel. Welcome to Tamriel's Fourth Era. Who will shape its destiny?



Black MarshEdit

  • Archon-
  • Blackrose-
  • Gideon-
  • Helstrom- SwankyJ (talk
  • Lilmoth-
  • Soulrest-
  • Stormhold-
  • Thorn-


  • Anvil-
  • Bravil-
  • Bruma-
  • Cheydinhal-
  • Chorrol-
  • Imperial City-The Royal Tank (talk
  • Kvatch-
  • Leyawiin-
  • Skingrad-


  • Corinthe-
  • Dune-
  • Fenchal-
  • Orcrest-
  • Rimmen-
  • Riverhold-
  • Torval-


  • Alik'r Nomads (Disorganised)-
  • Antiphyllos-
  • Dragonstar-
  • Dragontail Mountainmen (Disorganised)-
  • Gilane-
  • Hegathe-
  • Myrkwasa-
  • Rihad-
  • Skaven-
  • Sentinel-
  • Taneth- Stephanus rex (talk

High RockEdit


  • Aldrur-
  • Blacklight-
  • Ebonheart-
  • Firewatch-
  • Kragenmoor-
  • Mournhold-
  • Necrom-
  • Narsis-
  • Stonewood-
  • Tear-
  • Telvanis-
  • Port Telvanis-
  • Vivec City-
  • Velothis-


Summerset IsleEdit

  • Alinor- MP
  • Cloudrest-
  • Dusk-
  • First Hold-
  • Lillandril-
  • Shimmerene-
  • Skywatch-
  • Sunhold-


  • Arenthia-
  • Elden Root-
  • Falinesti-
  • Greenheart-
  • Haven-
  • Silvenar-
  • Southpoint-
  • Woodhearth-


Rules (The Elder Scrolls Chaos Map Game)

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