What this is Edit

After visiting althistory wiki chat, a person brought up a few resons that map games here are not as good as map games there.

  • There are no regulations in place for map games
  • There are few people contributing
  • The mods here are not active
  • All the best mapmakers and mapgame makers are there (not entirly true, but somewhat true)

These are all critical points. I feel there needs to be a few reforms.

The reforms: Edit

  1. An "official map games" page needs to be made. Our freedom is part of mgw, but a quality control needs to be in place for mgw-endorsed map games.
  2. A recruitment campaign should be made.
  3. Either the admins need to pay attention to use because we're not backwater, just free, or they need to promote more regular contributors to admin! Then we actually have admins!
  4. Again, recruitment campaign, but also we need to improve our tutorials!

Signatures: Edit

Against Edit

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