Algo Edit

Location Edit

Defending nation +10

Attacking adjacent nation +5

Attacking close nation +3

Attacking nation across continent +1

Attacking nation across world +0

Economy Edit

Great +8

Good +6

Ok +4

Bad +2

Non-Existent +0

Power Edit

Local Power +1

National Power +2

Regional Power+3

Continental Power +4

World Power +5

Attack Edit

Cold area -4

Rough terrain -4

Provoked +2

Unprovoked -2

High Ground +5

Urban fighting -5

Detailed attack +2

Surrounding enemy +5

Being surrounded -5

Defend Edit

Fortified Area +10

Surrounding enemy +5

Being Surrounded -5

In fear of being annexed +10

Forces Edit

Morale +5

Battle Fatigue -5

Troops/20,000 +x

Every 1,000 tanks +1

Artillery Support +4

More Planes than Enemy +2

Level 1 Naval Ships/10

Level 2 Naval Ships/5

Level 3 Naval Ships/3

Level 4 Naval Ships/1

Note: Level 4 ships have not yet been created and are likely aircraft carriers

Wars Edit


Great War Edit

1914 Edit


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