The criteria are-Edit

  • Economical growth- 0 economic collapse or none, 2.5 poor, 5 normal, 7.5 good, 10 hyper-power
  • Political stability- 0 anarchy, 1.5 civil war or in revolution, 2.5 unstable, 5 normal, 7.5 stable, 10 hyper-total obedience by the public
  • Technology- 0 none, 2.5 backward, 5 normal, 7.5 advanced, 10 hyper-power
  • Size of Military- Number of troops divided by a factor of 25,000 (IE, 1,000,000 = 40 points).
  • Population- The number of people divided by 100,000,000
  • Territorial size- Big states like OTL Russia and Brazil +1, Small states like OTL Monaco and Rwanda -1
  • Add this all to gather and you get the National power ranking.

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