Template:Archived The United International Partnership is the official name for the Anglo-Chinese alliance. The two main nations are of course the UK and China, the major nations are France, Portugal and Spain, whilst the minor nations are their respective overseas territory. No other nations may apply to join unless the said rule is revoked.

Joint MilitaryEdit

The Anglo-China amassed armed forces (not including reserves) consists of around 219 million troops during current time (figures are based on fact). However, including the other nations the figure rises considerably.  

MNS= Mass National Service, GM= German Method

UK (GM)- 19 million

China (MNS)- 200 million

France- 220,000

Spain- 115,000

Portugal- 30,000

Iceland (Mass conscription)- 123,000

Dependencies- 100,000

Total Strength: 219,588,000 men and women not including reserves

NB: This allows for those who refused from the dependencies as well ass France, Spain and Portugal.

Member NationsEdit

The member nations are listed below:








Isle of Man

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