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The United States of Greater Ohio was formally created in 2026 with the writing of the Ohio constitution. It was reformed in 2027, though, to please the rebels that were killing police in the nation. Over time, it has participated in the Great Lakes War, where it defeated Michigan and gained two of its states.

States of OhioEdit

  1. North Michigan (2027)
  2. South Michigan (2027)
  3. Lima (2027)
  4. Erie (2027)
  5. Columbus (2027)
  6. Canton (2027)
  7. Guernsey (2027)
  8. Westsylvania (2030)


Nation Name Status

Federal States of New York

Great - Official Ally since 2025
Agrarian Commonwealth of Minnesota

Great - Official Ally since 2026

Republic of Washington

Great - Official Ally since 2027

Missouri Republic Great - Official Ally since 2027
Dakota Federation Great - Official Ally since 2028
Republic of Kentucky Very Good - Unofficial Ally
One Star Republic Good - Trading Partners
United States of the West Good - Unofficial Ally
Virginia Neutral
Pennsylvania Neutral
North Carolina Neutral
Massachusetts Neutral
Illinois Cool - Dislike them
Indiana Low 
USR Former Enemies

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