The United States of the West(USW), is a nation in the west of the Former United States.

California map-2

California Flag-2


Capital: Los Angeles

Anthem: For our glory/Para Nuestra Gloria


Official: Spanish and English

Demonym: Californian, Newamerican

President: Juan Toledo

Internet TLD: .ca, .nusa, .neua

Relations Edit

Name Status

Official Ally

Arizona Trade Partners, close relations
One Star Republic Official Ally, close relations
New York


The Nationals Enemy
USR Enemy
North Carolina Neutral
Virginia Neutral
Massachusetts Neutral
Pennslvania Neutral
Florida Neutral
Deseret Rivalry/Dislike
Colorado Neutral
Dakota Neutral
Minnesota Neutral

Administrative Divisions Edit

California Edit

Capital: San Francisco

Los Angeles Edit

Capital: Los Angeles

Oregon Edit

Capital: Salem

Nevada Edit

Capital: Las Vegas

Idaho Edit


Autonomous Territories Edit

Autonomous Territory of Utah Edit

Autonomous Pacific State Territory Edit

Republic of Arizona Edit

Shoshone Republic Edit

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