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  • Number of Admins: 14

Please read before editing.Edit

  • Do not copy time lines from the Alternate History Wiki. Its contents are copyrighted! Making a reference of origin does not clear it, unless it is a odd and unconected page or a failed game. Note that this is because they consider it to be stealing. There free images and photos can be used if they are attributed.

Useful info and site stats!Edit

For more statistics, go to Special:Statistics and or for a more detailed version, also go Special:WikiStats.

  • Number of All Pages: 9,780
    • Number of Articles: 995
    • Number of Files: 3,002
  • Number of Views: 0
  • Number of All Users: 13,129,360
    • Number of Active Users: 5
    • Number of Inactive Users: 0
    • Number of Admins: 14
    • Number of Bureaucrats: 18
    • Number of Chat moderators: 29
    • Number of Rollbacks: 21
    • Number of newly registered users: 0
    • Number of new editors: 0
    • Number of autoconfirmed users: 0
    • Number of emailconfirmed users: 0
    • Number of noneditors: 0
    • Number of Banned Users: see here
    • User list: here
  • Number of Edits: 71,465
  • Number of Views: 0
  • Number of Active Users: 5
  • Number of Edits: 71,465
  • Number of Admins: 14
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  • 995
  • Leader board
  • Also have a look at the usage levels, visit Site statistics.
  • And the staff are listed here- ListUsers
  • WikiNode - Related Wikis

For a full list of help pages, see Help:Contents, which includes help pages shared across Wikia.

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