Site stats!Edit

For more statistics, go to here and or for a more detailed version, also go here

  • Number of All Pages: 10,258
    • Number of Articles: 1,087
    • Number of Files: 3,056
      • Number of Videos:
  • Number of Views: Template:NUMBEROFVIEWS
  • Number of All Users: 14,553,912
    • Number of Active Users: 12
    • Number of Inactive Users: 0
    • Number of Admins: 7
    • Number of Bureaucrats: 10
    • Number of Chat moderators: 32
    • Number of Rollbacks: 14
    • Number of newly registered users: 0
    • Number of new editors: 0
    • Number of autoconfirmed users: 0
    • Number of emailconfirmed users: 0
    • Number of noneditors: 0
    • Number of Banned Users: see here
    • User list: here
  • Number of Edits: 77,365
  • Also have a look at the usage levels, visit here.
  • And the staff are listed here- ListUsers

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